Wine Tours

We are excited to offer to you wine tours sampling the very best of Portugal's proud wine-making culture.
Whether you're a manager who wants to improve your staff's knowledge of Portuguese wines and terroirs,
or just fancy a holiday with a difference, we'll have the tour to suit you.

Combining luxury accommodation and traditional local food, you will discover vibrant wine estates, from family-run
wineries which have been producing for generations, to passionate new up-and-coming artisans. All this in a relaxed
enjoyable environment while encountering the rich history and beauty of the Portuguese countryside. The more
adventurous among you can even participate in the wine-making process, including foot-treading, in one of the last
places in the world which still uses this ancient method.

A Lisbon Wines representative will accompany your group to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
If you have any particular requirements for your trip, send us a message or give us a call and we will work
out the perfect package for you.

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