LETRA F – India Pale Ale
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LETRA F – India Pale Ale

After spending three years dedicated to researching equipment, developing their strategy, and practising beer recipes, in 2013 Filipe Macieira and Francisco Pereira realised their dream of producing a premium craft beer made from 100% natural ingredients and no additives – a real beer. Letra is brewed in the Minho region of Vila Verde in Braga, using artisanal brewing methods coupled with the latest technology. It uses only four natural ingredients - water, malt, hops and yeast. This passion for simplicity has resulted in a range of aromatic and intense beers, bursting with a unique and special character.

Just as you need to know your alphabet back and forth when learning to read, you will also need to have some letters on the tip of your tongue to know this craft beer. Letra F is brewed according to a recipe from the 18th Century, with the addition of high amounts of hops to avoid spoilage during the long sea travels from England to India. This IPA has the addition of high amounts of American hops, during its several brewing steps, resulting in hoppy and citric aromas and flavours.

  • Style

    Рremium craft
  • Alcohol

  • Malts

    Barley & crystal